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A Journey to Excellence Physical therapy is the preferred and necessary treatment for most physical conditions and ailments. Athletes and the doctors that care for them have taken advantage of the technological advances in the treatment of their injuries. Furthermore, athletes are constantly seeking ways to improve their on the field, on the course or court performance. There is one company that is dedicated to helping their athletic patients meet the demands of their chosen sport and a star athlete whose journey to recovery is inspiration to us all.

Performance Counts

Pro Performance Physical Therapy & Wellness is a company that has embraced state of the art techniques and products. Their certified strengthening and conditioning specialists are experienced and have the knowledge necessary to identify the parts of your body on which to focus for your specific sport. The TRX Suspension Training System is a product that they have incorporated into their treatment therapies and has aided in the speedy recovery of many of their patients. The TRX is a Navy SEAL-designed strap suspension system that pits the body weight against gravity to work the muscles and is an alternative to using weights.

A Star Quarterback Works It Out

Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints Football Team, is one who has experienced the results of the TRX Suspension Training product first hand. In January of 2006 he was injured during the last game of the football season. The TRX equipment played a key role in his recovery and rehabilitation. As he works out almost everyday using the TRX system, his focus is on the areas of balance, joint integrity and core strength. In fact, he has been quoted as saying that "The TRX is the greatest piece of functional fitness equipment that exists." With that kind of a testimony from an NFL MVP, you can be sure that the TRX product can work for you as well.

While traveling he still takes full advantage of the TRX system. He just straps it to a pole or behind a door and works every part of his body to increase speed, agility, shoulder/leg strength and power. If you have witnessed him on the football field during an intense game, the evidence is clear by all the great passes he has thrown that produced winning touchdowns!

Components of the TRX Suspension Training System
Below are the different components of the TRX training that helped this NFL MVP to regain his strength and accuracy after injury:
  • TRX Shoulder Circuit - for throwing strength and accuracy
  • TRX Core Circuit - for throwing power and accuracy
  • TRX Lower Body Circuit - for improved balance and power
  • TRX Speed, Agility, & Balance Circuit - exercises to keep you going
Over 300 exercises can be performed using the TRX. It is widely known for building overall body strength and burns calories. Its compact light weight makes it easy to set up, which is good for travel as well as home use.

The TRX is durable, made of the highest quality materials and is used by thousands of men and women across the nation and world.

When you have a fitness goal coupled with "Drew Brees" focus, the TRX Suspension Training System is the right fit for you. If you would like to know more about the TRX product and how it can improve your performance in sports or other physical activities, contact a specialist at Pro Performance Physical Therapy & Wellness at