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Welcome to Pro Performance Physical therapy clinics were created for the purpose of restoring physical mobility after injury and relieving the pain that it causes. Pro Performance Physical Therapy & Wellness and its physical rehabilitation centers are known to provide a personalized and innovative approach to restoration and rehabilitation. By utilizing a combination of therapies that include the manual therapies of flexibility, stretching, strengthening and endurance exercises, and electric stimulation, recovery can occur quickly and you can return to work, play and life in general.

Pro Performance is equipped to treat injuries related to the knee, wrists/hand, ankles/foot,

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Physical Rehabilitation Centers                        
hip, shoulders, neck and back. Non-operative services provide treatment to injuries caused by automobile accidents, work injuries, post fractures and many more. Personal trainers are on staff to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercising in a comfortable, progressive atmosphere. Whether its toning up, losing weight, or increasing your strength and endurance, Pro Performance will work with you to develop a custom exercise regimen that fits your goal.

Pro Performance is a New York physical therapy and wellness facility that offers sports performance therapy to increase your competitive abilities. Their programs are designed specifically for your sports genre, similar to specialty physical therapy clinics.

Certified specialists are on staff and equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to evaluate the condition of your body for your particular sport. You can start your sports workout program knowing that you're in good hands.

As a physical therapy center, Pro Performance Physical Therapy & Wellness offers the best in home physical therapy. Highly experienced therapists will come to your home or office and save you the hassle of having to change your schedule or interrupt your workday for long periods of time. Working with you in your own home environment is the ideal place for recovery. They aid you in improving your performance of daily activities, which results in better monitoring of your progress. Elderly patients receive a huge benefit through this service, as the visiting therapists carry with them all the portable equipment needed for treatment.

Home Personal Training is also available where you can receive the same quality treatment and service as you would upon visiting the Pro Performance facilities. The therapists will provide the proper equipment, tailored to your home conditioning and endurance training program.

In addition, Home Sports Performance programs are readily available, especially for the teen who needs to exercise discipline in his/her fitness regimen.

Pro Performance has recognized that technology plays a vital role in the rehabilitation of their patients. For this reason they have incorporated the "Wii Fit" gaming system into their regular physical therapy sessions. The overall patient response to this form of therapy has been unanimous, as "Wiihabilitation" has introduced the element of competition. As a result, patients are experiencing higher levels of mobility.

As evidenced, Pro Performance offers a full range of physical and home therapy, as well as wellness services. Over 15 years of providing professional and personalized service, has placed this physical therapy center among the best physical rehabilitation centers in Glen Cove, New York.
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