Great Neck Physical Therapy Clinic
Among the physical rehabilitation centers in New York, Pro Performance Physical Therapy & Wellness is a Long Island physical therapy facility that offers the assistance you need in calculating your health insurance plan coverage. It can be very discouraging when the need arises for deciphering what physical therapy services are covered under your plan and having to deal with your insurance provider for payment. Pro Performance can help in determining your deductible, co-payments and limitations that may be applied to your policy.

While other physical therapy clinics may not offer this service, the staff at Pro Performance is sensitive to the needs that affect every aspect of your treatment experience. Most back physical therapy and physical therapy for shoulder pain is covered under Medicare and most health insurance plans. They may, however, limit your visits for essential health benefits under the new health law. Be aware that benefits are varied, so it is a good idea to get them verified prior to your physical therapy treatment.

In order to make your visit to our facilities as pleasant as possible, we accept health coverage from several providers, inclusive of Medicare, BC/BS, United Healthcare, Empire Plan, Oxford, HIP, and GHI.

Medicare can help pay for services when your therapist develops your treatment plan and when your doctor occasionally reviews that plan to determine the length of time your treatments are needed. Many physical therapy clinics, as well as Pro Performance, is proud to accept this type of coverage.

As a leader in providing health insurance coverage, Blue Cross/Blue Shield serves customers in New York state with national accounts of over 5 million individual accounts and more than 38,000 employer accounts.

United Healthcare is a provider of a wide range of health benefit plans that cater to individuals, employers and businesses large and small. They ensure access to their services for more than 25 million individual customers and has direct contracts with over 600,000 health care professionals and doctors, nationally.

Acceptance of health insurance coverage under Empire Plan offers exclusive coverage for New York state employers and employees. The span of their coverage extends to hospitals and physicians, as well as prescriptions. This is a well-known provider to physical rehabilitation centers nation-wide.

Oxford offers health plans that cover necessary medical therapy services without visit limitations, providing that those services are reasonable and relative to the patient's injury or condition. Physical therapy for shoulder pain would be an example of the restorative therapy services allowable for coverage under this plan. As a requirement, doctor reviews are performed every 30 days to monitor the patient's progress.

HIP, otherwise known as Health Insurance Plan, is a prepaid group practice health plan. They offer a wide scope of network-based and group health care plans that include HMO, PPO, POS, EPO, as well as ASO services to millions of customers in the Long island, New York City, and Weschester areas.

Finally, Group Health Incorporated (GHI), is a provider of many health care options that include coverage for massage therapies that relieve stress and for general well-being. Family plans are available that have features like no co-payments for office visits and prescriptions for children.

In addition to the above mentioned health care providers, we accept Workers Compensation & No Fault, plus most PPO and POS plans.

In our willingness to serve, if you are without health insurance coverage, financial arrangements can be made by contacting us by phone.