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The application of Physical Therapy is an acceptable restorative and rehabilitative treatment by doctors and professional healthcare providers world-wide. As a New York physical therapy center, Pro Performance is known for its excellency in back physical therapy and physical therapy for shoulder pain, among other treatments that address these areas of the body. Back and shoulder pain are common ailments suffered by the patients that frequent our facilities. We are well-equipped to treat such conditions and put patients on the road to recovery with our specialized physical therapy programs. 

Pro Performance is tops among physical therapy clinics in the Long Island area. This New York community benefits well from the expert service given in the physical therapy programs offered. They are inclusive of both active and passive modalities. Strengthening and endurance, ultrasound, flexibility and electric stimulation are rehabilitative methods used to bring relief and an increased range of motion to patients, therefore enabling them to return to normal or even better physical activity. 

Strengthening and endurance exercises are important for maintaining the health of your muscles and bones. This type of physical therapy application will increase your stamina and joint flexibility, while decreasing fatigue. Pro Performance physical therapy experts are knowledgeable about the stretching, range of motion, resistance, and aerobic exercises needed to reach your recovery goals. By incorporating these exercises into your daily routine, you will find that they get easier to do. Most physicians will recommend a physical therapist to assess your exercise requirements and will take special care to avoid further damage to your joints. 

Arthritis sufferers will enjoy the results of isometric and isotonic exercises that physical rehabilitation centers like Pro Performance can offer. Isometric exercises promote muscle tightening without joint motion so that the muscles around the joint are targeted. On the other hand, isotonic exercises strengthen the muscle with joint motion. These exercises also help as a part of back physical therapy. 

Physical therapy clinics like Pro Performance are well-known for the use of the ultrasound modality as a supplement to exercise therapies. Ultrasound is used to relax and warm up muscles prior to exercising. It also distracts from the pain a patient may be suffering. This application involves applying high frequency sound waves to a particular body part, where the waves travel deep into muscle tissue to create a warming effect. This increases blood flow and delivers oxygen and nutrients, while removing cell wastes. Increased range of motion and relief of pain and inflammation are also results experienced from this physical therapy method of treatment. 

The use of electrical stimulation is somewhat different from ultrasound, however, they basically produce the same result. With this application, an electrical current is administered to cause muscles in the affected area to contract. The physical therapist can allow for a gentle or forceful current to produce strengthening and promote blood supply, where both assist in the healing process. Studies have shown that electrical stimulation is very effective in reducing shoulder pain by as high as 94% in patients who experience shoulder pain after a stroke. 

Pro Performance is a jewel among physical rehabilitation centers in the Long Island community and we are waiting to hear from you if you suffer from any of these conditions and more. 

We accept Medicare and many other insurance plans, and in home Physical Therapy programs are available. 

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