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Pro Performance is a Long Island physical therapy center that offers the best in quality care with our In Home.
Physical Therapy program. It is well known that some people feel uncomfortable having such personal treatment and care performed in a public setting. Maybe our location is somewhat of a commute for your treatment session. Furthermore, you may just feel better having your treatment sessions done at home. Whatever the reason may be, our physical therapy center is sensitive to your personal situation and will deliver the care that you need and deserve, right in your home.

Sometimes an injury may leave you unable to travel or move around comfortably. Usually lower back or shoulder pain can make for a physically stressful traveling experience. Pro Performance expert therapists take pride in their ability to come to you and administer physical therapy for back pain and physical therapy for shoulder pain. They are knowledgeable about how to handle those areas of your body and how to bring relief to the injured area.

Before applying those therapies associated with physical therapy for back pain, our specialists know that lower back pain is a common complaint among most patients. While the causes vary, there is evidence that must be identified before treatment is begun. Examination of the patient's back is necessary and involves testing the different areas of the spine as the patient sits or stands in various positions. Pro Performance physical therapy center staff is well aware of the care that must be taken during this back evaluation and will treat you with the utmost respect upon entering your home.

Pain in the shoulder area is rather difficult to diagnose and is also challenging for your regular family physician. That's why therapists like those at Pro Performance are available to examine the injured area of the shoulder and determine the method of treatment necessary within the confines of physical therapy for shoulder pain. Most commonly they find that the rotator cuff is the area that suffers injury due to impingement, and caused by repetitive overhead activities or acute trauma.

Home based physical therapy is great for helping patients to recover from immobility, improve their function, become more independent and enable them to enjoy a better quality of life. Let the professionals at Pro Perfomance provide you with in home treatments that address your functional challenges.

There is no better place to improve your physical health than at home where you perform your most routine activities. With the physical therapists at Pro Performance, you will receive service that is accurate and effective.
Comprehensive in home treatment plans are tailored to your needs and conductive to your home environment.
Our elderly patients enjoy this extra benefit of being able to receive our expert care within their own homes. People who need postoperative care also benefit from our in home programs. The Pro Performance staff works with you and your busy schedule to provide you with the exact services at home, that you would receive at our facilities.

Contact us today at (516) 277-1153 and get started on a customized in home treatment program. We conveniently accept Medicare for our services.