Pro Performance Physical Therapy & Wellness: In Home Physical Therapy

Pro Performance Physical Therapy & Wellness: In Home Physical Therapy

If you looking for a Physical Therapy Long Island service provider, Pro Performance Physical Therapy providers is a great company, with the requisite experience, staff, and proper training, to ensure all physical therapists can properly treat patients, and their needs. Physical therapy has become one of the most acceptable restorative and rehabilitative treatment options by doctors, and other healthcare providers in the industry. For back pain and shoulder pain, Pro Performance is the choice for Physical therapy Long Island patients, in need of instant relief. Whether you come in to their location, or hire an in home physical therapy session, you will be pleased with the treatment, professionalism, and will have relief from pain once the session is completed.

Whether you are in need of strengthening and endurance, flexibility and electric stimulation, or ultrasound treatment to relieve the pain, and give you back the mobility you had lost, Pro Performance can properly treat patients using any of these technologies, and allow them to get back to their physical activities and normal daily lives in no time at all.

The use of strengthening and endurance exercises help to increase and maintain strength in your bone structure and muscles. This form of therapy increases stamina and joint flexibility, and will help to decrease the amount of fatigue a patient might face. There are several methods of stretching, aerobic exercises, and other techniques use to help patients retain a full range of motion which was lost, and to quickly recover and stop the pain they are experiencing. By including these exercises on a daily or a few times a week, they become easier for the patient to do, and help build the strength back up more quickly.

If a patient suffers from arthritis, isometric and isotonic exercises practiced by therapists in Pro Performance’s rehab centers can offer great relief to pain and lack of mobility which these patients suffer from. These exercises promote tightening of muscles to target the joints which are affected by the arthritis, and strengthen the muscles to allow more mobility in the joints.

There is also a method known as ultrasound modality, which is used to relax and warm up the patient’s muscles prior to exercising. High frequency waves are used over the body area to be treated, which travel into the muscle tissue and warm the muscles. This will in turn increase blood flow to minimize any pain which may be experienced. Additionally, the use of electric stimulation is another method which is used by Pro Performance. An electric current is administered to the area which is being treated causing the muscles to contract, this will then allow the therapist to use a gentle or forceful current to help in strengthening and in healing the affected area. This method is efficient for patients experiencing extreme shoulder pain.

Whether you come into the Pro Performance clinic, or prefer an in home physical therapy treatment for minor pain, the staff and therapists at Pro Performance have the right training and experience to offer patients optimal relief and restore movement where it has been lost, through the use of various technologies employed.

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