Mark Wahlberg, The Fighter & Pro Performance of Glen Cove

The physical therapy specialists at Power Plate have come up with a bewildering array of fitness equipment that has been used by many celebrities and professional athletes, including Claudia Schiffer and Mark Wahlberg (formerly rapper Marky Mark)— and also by such professional teams as the San Diego Chargers and the Detroit Lions. The company was founded by the Dutch Olympic Trainer Guus Van der Meer as a means of helping professional athletes to get into shape. Today, the company has offices all over the world— and millions of satisfied customers, too.

Power Plate’s products are the my3, the my5 on which the frequency of the vibrations can also be adjusted; the pro5 (“the Cornerstone of Excellence”); the pro5 AIRdaptive on which the air level can be adjusted; the pro5 AIRdaptive HP, which— unlike the others mentioned— comes in the form of a small scale- like machine; and pro6 with proMOTION. Accessories such as mats, trackers, and manuals are also available, as are videos, including “The Fighter” staring Mark Wahlberg. Video workouts may also be viewed online.

More specifically, the machines designed by Power Plate make use of vibration. Such technology resembles that used by astronauts to combat the loss of bone and muscle that results from staying in fields of low gravitation for extended periods of time.

In addition to selling exercise machines, Power Plate also offers courses in fitness. In North America, there are the Levels 1 and 2 Academies and the Golf Academy. Professionals at these academies teach the science that went into their equipment— the biomechanics, the neurophysiology, and so forth. Levels 1 and 2 each offer a 90- minute lecture online and a 4- hour hands- on workshop. The third academy, as its name suggests, is designed especially for golfers, whether professional or amateur.

The celebrities who have used Power Plate machinery have given their testimonials. Claudia Schiffer says that as a busy working mother she has found it to be a great time saver, since she does not have to spend large amounts of time in the gym. Sting calls Power Plate “that key component in helping us feel and look our best.” And Anna Friel reports that the results started showing after she had been using them for only two weeks! “I have the strongest legs I have ever had,” she says.

Physical therapy specialists in Glen Cove founded Pro Performance Physical Therapy & Wellness, a company that promotes therapy for personal recovery, helping injured people to be able to live fully active lifestyles. The company has developed the Wii Fit gaming system and the TRX Suspension Training system, which helped football player Drew Brees to recover.

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