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Back physical therapy is often required to relieve pain caused by injuries and can take several weeks to recover, depending on the severity of the injury. It’s always a good idea to avoid heavy lifting, but it is recommended to continue with daily activities and therapy workouts. Back physical therapy is a routine designed for the individual, depending on age, health conditions and mobility.

Most people will experience back problems at least once in their lifetime. The injuries are caused from overuse, repetitive actions or injuries; preforming everyday functions. Back problems can also be a result of sports activities, work related tasks or simple home projects. They occur from accidents such as tripping and falling a short distance, blow to the back or to the top of the head, which affect the spine, even twisting the wrong way.

In some cases health conditions are the cause for back problems. Aging is a major factor, family history, sitting for long periods due to occupational duties. Gender conditions such as osteoporosis, which is a degenerative bone disease found more commonly in women than men.


Pro Performance Physical Therapy & Wellness provides physical therapy using individual recovery therapies and Power Plate techniques using back physical therapy routines. The Power Plate Training System is specifically designed to encourage muscle strengthening and bone mass improvement, ensuring that the body returns to a healthier state.
Power Plate is designed to strengthen and alleviate back pain through personal training and self-discipline therapies, offering a workout routine that fits the injury or individual. The trainers are current in today’s technology ensuring the workout routine fits your lifestyle, your health condition and the injury type; aiding in a speedy recovery.

As we age, muscles begin to weaken and bones begin to shrink and become brittle. Studies show those individuals who workout, increasing endurance may be able to slow the process down; making this treatment anti-aging when maintained. Muscle cells remain unchanged in size or they can expand in individuals who remain physically active as they get older. The overall process of muscle loss picks up after 50 and strength training becomes critical. The good news is that it’s never too late to start. Individuals can fortify their muscles and bones by participating in regular strength-training workouts.


The Power Plate vibration actually stimulates the body’s internal responses, promoting a healthier appearance and function. It increases blood flow and body fluid transport, muscle strength, bone density and balance, using various vibration rates, slowly increasing the body’s endurance. It provides a prevention to avoid osteoporosis through workout routines where movement may not be necessary to gain results, eliminating the majority compliant; joint discomfort.

The Power Plate vibration training uses a natural effect so that the body responds instinctively to reduce muscle pain and soreness. The workouts are designed to change as the body changes, contributing to a faster recovery for injuries, improving muscles and building body strength. The training routines work with the body’s natural range of movement for a speedier recovery with less pain throughout the workout.

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