NIMS’ Exer-Rest® Medical Device Provides “Passive Exercise” to Aid Patients with Circulatory Health Concerns and Those Who Suffer from Daily Aches and Pains

Source: Non-Invasive Monitoring Systems, Inc.

Non-Invasive Monitoring Systems, Inc. introduced its Exer-Rest® product line to the US market and it is currently backed by 33 published peer-reviewed scientific studies that support the efficacy and safety of their uniquely powerful therapeutic approach—Whole Body Periodic Acceleration (WBPA). Based on a patented technology called “Acceleration Therapeutics® (AT),” WBPA is a technique in which a patient’s body is accelerated and decelerated, head to foot, in such a way that therapeutic effectiveness is derived naturally from the individual’s own body.

Exer-Rest produces circulatory benefits similar to those achieved by moderate exercise without putting stress on the body. This is especially helpful for those who are unwilling or incapable of active exercise due to lifestyle choices and/or physical limitations. Users of the Exer-Rest relax on a mattress atop a motorized platform that traverses head to foot about half of an inch at a rate of 140 times per minute. This movement adds pulses to the user’s natural pulse, which increases the release of beneficial mediators such as Nitric Oxide throughout the body’s vasculature paths. This process, called “Pulsatile Shear Stress,” aids the body’s recovery from injury or illness by delivering the following benefits:

• Improved local circulation―Individuals who don’t regularly exercise, suffer from injury or live a sedentary lifestyle may benefit from the use of the Exer-Rest for improved circulatory health. Each 30 to 45 minute session on the Exer-Rest provides increased blood flow throughout the vasculature to revitalize the body.

• Temporary relief of aches and pains―Many people experience reduced mobility and discomfort due to daily aches and pains that can occur for a variety of reasons (e.g., joint pain, muscle pain, pain due to injury). Exer-Rest provides temporary relief of aches and pains resulting in improved quality of life.

• Muscle relaxation―Regular sessions on the Exer-Rest provide local muscle relaxation, which may be beneficial for prevention, recovery and rehabilitation of individuals of diverse ages and physical conditions.

• Relief from morning stiffness―Using the Exer-Rest reduces “morning stiffness,” the tightness in muscles and joints that trouble some people for hours after waking from a night’s sleep.

Exer-Rest is a non-invasive, drug-free therapy designed for use by individuals who are physically fit, sedentary or incapable of an active lifestyle. Thirty-three peer-reviewed scientific publications to date have demonstrated the efficacy and safety of Exer-Rest in improving the quality of life of individuals over a wide range of ages and activity levels (studies available at the NIMS website

“Research shows that Exer-Rest releases beneficial mediators into the circulatory system at levels comparable to moderate aerobic exercise. This makes Exer-Rest particularly useful as an alternative or complementary means to help manage cardiovascular limitations,” said Marvin A. Sackner, MD, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NIMS.

Independent researchers have reported the following:
• “This study demonstrates that WBPA improves Coronary Flow Reserve (CFR) in healthy subjects and patients with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).”―American Heart Journal, April 2010: “Passive exercise” Using Whole Body Periodic Acceleration: Effects on Coronary Microcirculation.

• “Our results show that periodic acceleration may provide a novel, affordable, non-invasive therapeutic option for the treatment of stroke.”―Neuroscience, February 2009: Whole-Body Periodic Acceleration Reduces Brain Damage in a Focal Ischemia Model.

• “WBPA with a horizontal motion platform improved vascular endothelial function in sedentary adults. This device might offer an alternative to active exercise for patients whose medical condition limits physical activity.”―Circulation Journal, January 2008: Whole-Body Periodic Acceleration Enhances Brachial Endothelial Function.

• “In patients with severe heart failure and with leg claudication who remain symptomatic despite maximal medical therapy and who were not candidates for surgery, WBPA applied over several weeks improved quality of life and exercise capacity. The clinical benefits appear to be mediated through improved endothelial function.”―VASA, 2007: Periodic Whole Body Acceleration: A novel therapy for cardiovascular disease.

• “Application of WBPA hastens recovery from DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) after eccentric exercise. Given the lack of other potential mechanisms, these effects appear to be mediated by the increased NO release with WBPA.”―American College of Sports Medicine Conference on Integrative Physiology of Exercise (Poster Presentation), September 25, 2010: Whole Body Periodic Acceleration Reduces Levels of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness after Eccentric Exercise.

Exer-Rest is available in two models, the AT3800 and the 9-inch wider version AT4700. Each is equipped with a memory foam mattress, pillow, knee riser, wireless touch-screen remote controller, and a small and large pair of shoes. Each Whole Body Periodic Acceleration session involves the user lying down on the mattress and adjusting the digital remote controller for speed, travel and time prior to starting the Exer-Rest.

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